A 3-day conference aimed to immerse us into Scala Dev Tools


Using Bazel to build Scala

„In the Scala community we very often discuss code correctness. We leverage the type system to write programs we can reason about. We let the compiler validate as much of our programs as possible. We worry about correctness for our programs. But what our builds? Often overlooked, our builds are just as important as our programs. Build breakages, nondeterminisms, dependency issues, and other peculiarities occasionally appear. We fix them– often with a quick fix or trick– but rarely address the root cause of the problem. Minor nuisances for small programs can quickly become huge time sinks for large application codebases. Enter Bazel: a fast, scalable, multi-language and extensible build system. Bazel is built with both build correctness and build speed in mind. Let’s explore how Bazel gives us correct builds and what this means for Scala programs. We’ll learn how Bazel is different from SBT. We will also discuss how this is relevant to Stripe and the work we’re doing in this space.”

Edition 2018


Using Bazel to build Scala