Brand new conference focused on QUANTUM computing


Programming Quantum Computers

During the workshop you will learn the basics about quantum computing and IBM Q in particular.
Then you will write and run several quantum algorithms using graphical composer available online.
Finally we will use Qiskit SDK (open source python framework) to write quantum programs in Jupyter Notebook.
It will be a good basis to start your own exploration…

In particular, the workshop will cover the following topics:
1. Overview of IBM Q graphical composer
2. Running simulations and using real quantum computers in cloud
3. Implementing Deutsch and Deutsch-Jozsa algorithms
4. Qiskt and Jupyter Notebook – overview
5. Overview of IBM Q backends and their parameters
6. Quantum computer simulators
7. Real random numbers generator
8. Quantum compilation and qubits topology
9. Mitigating measurement errors

The workshop is designed as an introduction into the topic of quantum computation and as such does not require any specific prior technology nor programming knowledge. However, basic knowledge of quantum physics and/or Python programming will help to fully benefit from the session. All participants are required to bring their own laptops. Python+Jupyter programming environment with QISKit installed would be an optimal prerequisite (although not mandatory as we will use online programming environment from IBM Q instead when needed).
coffee break included
Edition 2019