A new sphere.it initiative, a conference focused on: Cloud-Native Architecture


Kubernetes… and being a DevOps is not a fairytale anymore

DevOps is no longer the youngest, nor the sexiest topic on the stage. The time plentiful inspirational talks of breaking cultural changes, filling gaps, bringing distant worlds of Devs and Ops together along with millions of income are only a memory. There were loads of motivating arguments on why, but almost no recipes for how. Fortunately, this story has not ended at that point. The recipe came at the right time and its name is Kubernetes. This talk/training is intended as an introduction of Kubernetes to a developer who wants to become able to take care of his soft also after it gets released. It will cover basic concepts (pods, deployments, services ect.), configuration, operational task and ready to use out-of-the-box different operators, all this stressing the added value of the tool.


Familiarity with containerization (Docker)
Edition 2019