A new sphere.it initiative, a conference focused on: Cloud-Native Architecture


Handling uncertainty in software projects

Uncertainty is a nasty beast. It is present in every project from the very beginning, usually hidden somewhere, and it manifests itself near the project ending. Be it lack of requirements clarity, changed scope or technology limitations – all those things can flip project profitability, cause headaches and overtime.
Very often, we believe somebody was lazy. If only that person had put more effort into analysis, problems could have been avoided.
That’s a fallacy.
Only early experimenting can remove those problems, but the whole trick is to identify what and when should be tested. During the workshop, with the help of Wardley Maps, you will decompose your project, assess uncertainty levels and prepare an experimentation plan that can be easily justified in front of your managers and customers.

Minimal exposure to software architecture and the "business" side of software development. A project to work on. Actually, bringing a team of 4 that will work on a project will work best.
Edition 2019