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GraphQL Introduction with TypeScript

Introduction to GraphQL (based on the example of Apollo Server) and comparison with REST.

The workshop is designed as an introduction to the topic of GraphQL. It’s an elemental workshop for people who have never tried GraphQL before. It isn’t mandatory, but it would be very helpful to have at least a basic idea of TypeScript. All participants are required to bring their laptops. We are going to use web-based IDE (CodeSandbox) with a pre-configured environment. However, participants could use the IDE of their choice (Node 10+ and yarn/npm is required).


No previous knowledge of GraphQL. Basic knowledge of TypeScript (https://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/typescript-in-5-minutes.html) Setup requires GitHub account (we are going to use CodeSandbox or IDE of your choice with latest node LTS and yarn/npm)
Edition 2019