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Cloud Native Akka & Kubernetes: the holy grail to elasticity?


I have been in love with Akka since I first saw it. Akka is the most mature choice to implement the traits of the Reactive Manifesto, thanks to the Actor model. Resilience is enabled by asynchronous message passing and Actor supervision. Location transparency, message routing and the “share nothing” approach enable seamless scalability, but once our app is deployed we need to rely on some external infrastructure to automatically scale up or down our services. At this point, Akka alone is not sufficient anymore. What else do we need? I found Docker & Kubernetes to be a perfect match for clustered Akka applications running in the cloud. Thanks to the Kubernetes API, one can write infrastructure logic that complements the business logic. This leads to a general approach of infrastructure-as-code tailored to each different business case, which in turn lets companies achieve maximum efficiency and resource usage. During this talk I will cover features from both Akka and Kubernetes, plus example code in Scala: familiarity with these technologies is recommended. My example will rely on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Edition 2018


Cloud Native Akka & Kubernetes: the holy grail to elasticity?