ReactSphere is 3-day conference dedicated to Reactive system design

Daniel Jagielski

Software Development Manager in VirtusLab

Daniel is Software Engineer at Virtuslab, currently leading a team building identity management platform. Passionate about best practises in software design for distributed systems. Nowadays, focusing mainly on stream processing and event driven reactive architectures using JVM based languages (Java, Kotlin), Kafka, RxJava and Kubernetes. Always strive to provide a tailor made solution for given requirements and find the correct balance between „do the right thing” and „do the thing right” approaches, with use of DDD techniques and most appropriate tech stack.He believes that undertaking complex challenges of different kind is the best motivation for self-development and growth. Spends his free time on researching new ideas, trends and approaches in different areas of IT – especially IOT and home automation, playing plenty of sports and FIFA on a gaming console.