Krakow, Poland

Brand new conference focused on expandingKOTLIN ecosystem

About Kotlin.sphere.it

Kotlin is taking the hearts of developers and managers by the storm. Our conference is aimed to boost that process even further. Showing top-notch libraries, battle-proven designs, best practices and dev-tools is our mission and a way to contribute to the success of Kotlin ecosystem.

Kotlin.sphere.it is a partner of Kotlin/Everywhere program – a series of community-driven events focusing on the potential of Kotlin on all platforms.



06.10.2019 / 09:00 - 13:00 / św. Filipa 23, Kraków | Sala 1
Introductory level workshop for Kotlin programming language. Basic syntax for control structures and object oriented programming will be explained, as well as basic usages of generics and functional programming capabilities of Kotlin.
Laptop with any version of IntelliJ IDEA environment. No previous knowledge of Kotlin needed.
06.10.2019 / 13:30 - 17:30 / św. Filipa 23, Kraków | Sala 1
Follow up workshop to the introduction to koltin. This time concepts such as reified generics or reflection will be introduced. This workshop should also familiarize the attendees with coroutines and few other basic abstractions that are used in asynchronous programming...
Laptop with any version of IntelliJ IDEA environment. Basic knowledge of Kotlin